Pilot Frixion pens

Fairly recently, I heard about ink pens that can be used for marking on fabric, but the marks are removed by ironing.  I thought they sounded like handy tools, so I ordered some & gave them a shot.  They are made by Pilot, so I knew they should be high quality.  I was happy to know I can get them at office supply stores, so if you don’t have a quilt shop that carries them, you may still be able to get them fairly locally.  Here is a link to their website.

I haven’t been this excited about a fabric marker since someone came out with the ones that disappear with air.  The pens work as described.  I’ve seen comments that they can leave a faded looking line on some fabrics, but the comments were specifically for the red pens.  I haven’t run across the issue yet, but will update if I do.  One of my concerns was that it’s easier to do all marks on a quilt piece at once.  Problem is, if you mark everything, then iron each seam as you go, lines can be lost.  From what I’m hearing, that isn’t a problem after all.  Just put the fabric in the freezer for about half an hour & the lines come back.  Now, I’m really a happy camper.  I’ll need to have a basket or something to put the pieces in for the freezer so the fabric doesn’t touch a food item.  I’d hate to have something get on the fabric & stain it.  I’ll have to give the pens a thorough test to see how the heat & freeze pans out.  Supposedly, after ironing the article, washing it keeps the lines from coming back in the future.  That’s what I want to test to be sure.  I would hate to use the pens to mark quilting lines & have them come back to haunt me.  I was taught to use chalk to mark lines & some of those never seem to go away.

The only thing I would like to see improve is the amount of use from a pen.  The one I used seemed to run out fairly quickly, but it could be that this quilt has so many pieces that I used more ink than I realized.  They do cost a little more than a standard pen, but I figure with time, they will be more comparable.  I wouldn’t really call them expensive, especially since they are a specialty type pen.  I do think they should work longer for the price, though. 

If these continue to work as I think they will, I’ll have to invest in the highlighters of the same nature to mark cross stitch patterns on the canvas.  If you try these pens, I would love to hear how you like them, & how you use them. 

Happy stitchin’.