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Always on the go

Since I don’t get to do much stitching at home, I like to take my projects with me.


I’m not going to spend a bundle on specialty travel totes & stuff, especially if I have something that will work. I get a decent stash of computer bags when I go to computer conferences out of town. I have a king-size quilt top in this one. Notice the gold colored wrap on the handle. That is a scrap piece of fabric from this project, so I know exactly what is in it without looking. I have more than one of these bags, so that makes it easy to spot what I want. I can pack a lot of stuff in one of these bags.



The little pink box was made to be a storage box for computer disks. It works great for keeping all the little stuff together.

IMG_20130502_144637_288-1 IMG_20130502_144331_536-1
How do you carry your goodies when you travel?



I’m constantly amazed at how time gets away from me.  I seem to stay busy, but don’t have a lot to show for it for a while.  Then, one day, things start coming together & I see some results from my efforts.  I’m not going to go into details right now, but want to give a little summary of some things that have been going on.  I’ll post pics, as soon as I can get a bit more stuff to come together.  Most of my time is spent taking care of Mom & whatever else comes along.  

A couple of weeks after my last post, the economy hit.  The company I was contracted out to decided to cancel a bunch of contracts, mine included.  I had 13 wonderful years with the company, but because of some other stuff, I had been wrestling with when it would be time to move away from the job.  I prayed about it & God told me it was time to move on.  A few days later, things got so busy that the contract cancellation was timed perfectly.  I could see it coming, & it was still a bit of a surprise.  I miss the people I worked with, but life is still good.  

About a month ago, the people at drew my name as a winner of this book:  I love that the book doesn’t say you “have” to do this, or that, but is a guide that shows how to use what you already have.  I’m hoping to get back to setting up my quilt space before long, but have some other stuff to take care of first.  I plan to post pics of all current projects, as soon as I get a little more done on them.  The ideas in “Organizing Solutions for Every Quilter” can be used in any room of the house, & for pretty much any organizational challenge ahead of me.  Thank you Doug & Lee Ann for the wonderful book.

Mom said she wants a pretty yard.  Due to the drought & extreme heat conditions over the last couple of years, she has almost no lawn.  The old wooden fence was being held together with wire, but the neighbor’s dog wanted to take over Mom’s yard, as well.  We had to have a new fence.  I finally got a commitment to get a new fence & new storage building, so that rickety old fence is gone.  Mom now has a new metal fence, complete with concrete footing.  We also added sidewalks in the back yard, wide enough to accommodate her walker.  She originally just had dirt with some stepping stones.  I am now redesigning the flower beds in her yard.  I’m digging almost everything from the old flower beds & building new ones.  The back yard will be edged in pastel flowers.  Mom has some orange cannas that don’t really look like they belong with the pinks & purples of the other flowers, but that’s ok.  They are pretty, so I’ll find places for them. Mom also wanted a garden with tomatoes & onions, & maybe some radishes.  I added some raised beds to the yard so I wouldn’t have to till the yard, or worry about where I could dig without hitting utility lines.  The garden looks a little scruffy between the 90 degree weather one day & 50 degree weather the next, & toss in a few 28 degree nights.  I’m hoping to get the sprinkler system & the rest of the flower beds finished next week.  

Then, there was the income tax diversion.  I won’t go into that, other than getting things together & detailed out takes me away from the stuff I like to do.  Oh well, it’s out of the way for another year.

I almost forgot to mention that I spend Wednesday nights at church with our youth group.  I cook some for all the kids & am teaching the older kids to sew.  Our group is growing, & I’m loving it.

Take care, & be blessed.