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More Crayola ideas

Now that you may have seen some “adult” fun with Crayolas in my last post, check this out.  You can use the same Crayolas that the kids use to make quilts.  There are several tecniques, but this one seems to be the simplest.  I’ve seen a youtube video that teaches melting the crayons & painting the fabric, but I’m not that artistic.  I think I could do some simple designs with this idea, though.

I have some coloring books that I got at Hobby Lobby that would be perfect for this type art.  They are from Dover publishing, but are also available at  Some such as these would work up to look like stained glass.

I would love to know what you think about this idea.  Oh yeah, get your own box of crayons & don’t pilfer from the kids.  😀


Crayola Artist

Normally, when I think of crayon art, I think of kids.  I was cleaning out some old email & ran across a note someone sent me with some work of a guy named Don Marco.  If you think about it, it makes sense to paint with Crayolas, considering they are similar to oil pastels in theory.  They are a lot less messy to work with, while having more colors & shades to work with.  Hope you enjoy looking at his work.

I was looking t…

I was looking through the mail yesterday & saw an advertisement from Harbor Freight tools.  Being the tomboy that I am, I had to look.  I found this tool chest & thought about how pretty it is, as well as functional.  I can totally see my sewing & quilting tools in this.

How about you?  Do you have some really cool storage solutions to share?