New Beginning

New Beginning

Life goes through phases of sorts. I am really bad about changing interests on a regular basis. I learned to quilt a little over 30 years ago, but hadn’t gotten bit by the quilting bug, or at least not very hard. I’ve always loved everything about sewing & crafting, especially fabrics, but not quilting specific.

About a year ago, I saw some fabric that I fell in love with. I just had to have it. It’s like it was reaching out to touch me. I’d never heard of the fabric brand, so didn’t know anything about their quality, just that they had something I liked. The fabric hadn’t even been released to the stores when I saw the photo. I waited, rather impatiently, like a child waiting for Christmas. It finally became available, so I ordered enough to use it for the focus of some quilt blocks & the back. I also ordered a little extra, just in case I made a mistake in figuring yardage, or made a bad cut. This is the fabric that caught my attention.

Now that I had my fabric picked out, I also needed a pattern. I’ve never been good at starting with simple patterns. I get bored with those & this was such a perfect pattern for this fabric.

Keep in mind that the only quilt I had finished was preprinted material. My first pieced quilt has a lot of pieces, & I’m making it in a king size. I wanted more focus on the fabric listed above, so didn’t want it cut into little squares for the center of the blocks. I wanted to maintain the design of the fabric as much as possible. I also wasn’t in a position to buy 10 different fabrics, or to pay full price for the fabric of that big of a quilt. Not saying the fabric isn’t worth it, I just couldn’t make the splurge. I did some math & combined some fabrics, cutting it down to 8 fabrics. Added some blocks to make it king size, & bought some discount fabrics. The photo of a finished block is what mine is looking like. I will post another photo when I have more done, but for now, I have about 1/4 of the blocks done with some stitching done on some others. I am doing all sewing by hand on this quilt, as well as taking care of some other stuff, so it’s taking me a while.

Now, I’ve been bitten so hard by the quilting bug that I am building my fabric stash like a maniac. I’ll go into fabric storage at a later date, but for now, I’m seeing quilt designs in some strange places, including tile floors. I’ll post some of those ideas later as I get blocks done. Can’t give all my secrets away at once. 😀

What are your obsessions?


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