Lap protectors

Lap protectors

Mom has some health issues, so spends a lot of time in her chair or in bed. I wanted to find a way to make meals & snacks a little easier for her. After seeing some quilted placemats, I thought about this idea. They are quick & easy, yet protect Mom’s lap & bed from food mishaps & from plates that might be a little too warm.

I just got 3/4 yard of bright fabric, some batting that is similar in thickness to felt. & some wide double fold bias tape. I doubled the batting thickness & sandwiched it between the fabric as it was folded from the bolt. I stitched a grid across the fabric at about 2″, then stitched the bias tape around it.

This type of project would be great for testing quilt patterns or techniques, or just for gifts for people who are not as mobile as they would like to be.

What kinds of gifts do you make for family or friends?


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