Traditional vs non-traditional tools

I always like to hear ways of doing things that make life easier, especially if it means using something for a purpose it wasn’t made for. 

Recently, I opened a brand new box of straight pins.  They wouldn’t go through the fabric very well & I was about to toss them in the trash.  I noticed they felt like they had a coating of candle wax on them, but not a visible coating.  I wiped one off with a nylon scrubber & it started going through the fabric as it should have.  There was no way my hands would allow me to manually clean  a whole box of pins, so I had to come up with another plan.  I spotted a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, & tried it as a pincushion.  Worked like a charm.  That got me to thinking  about other things that weren’t made for the sewing room. 

No sewing room is complete without a few tools.  Have to have a few screwdrivers to clean & maintain the sewing machine.  Never know when will want to hang something on the wall, or put together a new set of shelves, so might need a hammer.  Magnets used by mechanics are nice for picking up dropped pins & needles, just don’t get them too close to the computerized sewing machines.  Back scratchers can also  be used for retrieving things that find their way under cabinets or machines.

Oh yeah, don’t forget storage.  Embroidery floss on those little cards fit perfectly in a tackle box.  So do a lot of small sewing machine parts.  Peg boards are great for hanging rulers & rotary cutters.  My fabric, that isn’t  precut, is folded onto comic board cards (sold to keep magazines from getting damaged on display or in shipping) & will be placed on shelves later, similar to the bolts of fabric in a store.

I’m sure I haven’t listed everything that migrated from our kitchen to my sewing area.  What about you?  What do you have in your sewing / craft area that is used for something besides it’s “normal” use?


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