Not to sound like an advertisement board, but…

For all practical purposes, I’m a quilting newbie.  Sure, I know how to piece quit tops & how to quilt, but there are so many tools out there that I’m learning about.  Some of the “new” discoveries I’ve made are things like the Accuquilt GO die cutter, Aurifil thread, Frixion pens, & all sorts of techniques that I’ve never thought about.  I’m almost like a kid at Christmas when I get a package.  That doesn’t include all the rotary cutters, mats, templates, & stuff that I’m finding.  Then there are all the tools that I can’t afford to try, like all the embroidery & quilting machines.  The list never ends on new things to try. 

I think I need to make sort of a schedule on how often to review tools.  Maybe some sort of game plan.  Maybe to keep up with what I’m doing & when, something like tools on Tuesdays, surprises on Saturdays.  I’ll see what all I can toss in there.  For the most part, I’m taking Sundays off.  😀

Have a wonderful week.  Be blessed.  I know I am.


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