What is your pleasure?

I would like to know what you like to see in a blog.  Do you like product reviews?  How about links to other blogs, especially if they have free patterns or other giveaways?  Tips & shortcuts?  Just some fun stuff like quilt related cartoons once in a while?  How about a recipe or two to help out with keeping the family happy while you quilt?  Any other requests?  I would love to hear your ideas.


I was watching Texas Country Reporter a while back & Bob Phillips had a segment about a quilter.  I made note of the lady’s name, then forgot about it untill I recently was going through some notes on my phone.  I had to check out her blog & am so glad I did.  Her name is Mary Wenzel.  Check out her blog.  http://quilttherapy.com/


2 thoughts on “What is your pleasure?

  1. I think all of the ideas you have listed is great. Just do what your heart leads you to do because a blog is your representation of what you love to do and who you are. I think that is what draws all of us in……………..finding a common thread with one who creates something of beauty. I have seen this episode and I think Mary is wonderful. Most of all have fun with your quitling and blogging journey! blessings,Kathy

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